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Category: Green Remodeling & The Environment
Posted: 9/1/2010
Green Your Home Q&A- Allergies
By Matt Hoots

Q. My kids and I have allergies that don’t seem to go away with the season. How can we reduce the number of allergens in our house?  Amy P.

 A. If antihistamines are not working, your house could be making you sick. If you already live in a green-certified house, then it may be the way you are living. Stop using chemicals that supposedly “clean” the surface, but pollute the air. Most cleaners contain toxins that evaporate into the air and further aggravate allergies. Vinegar and water is a more effective antibacterial cleaner than most name-brand ones.

Bugs can also be a problem. Cockroaches are known to carry allergens, so nontoxic (to humans) pest control can help control them. Dust mites are also a common cause of allergies. In our house, we put a special cover on our son’s mattress to prevent the dust mites from growing in it.

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