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Posted: 3/24/20140 Entries
Tips for Remodeling your Kitchen
By Matt Hoots

Here is a recent interview with Matt Hoots, owner of SawHorse by Georgia State Homes a real estate resource.


Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Sawhorse provides turnkey Design Build services with a full service design team, home performance assessors, estimators and project managers. Our expertise has won Sawhorse more than 100 national & regional awards.

What is the first thing you tell people who are looking to remodel their kitchen?

We ask lots of questions so we can make sure that we meet their expectation on the design and construction phases. There are many different factors that are involved in consulting with clients to guide them through the design process. Knowing what their budget is for the whole project is important so we can give options that fit within their budget making the design process go quicker. We also need to know what style they are looking for. If they can't describe the style- we show them examples of our work so they can select from our portfolio which kitchens they like the best.

What are some plumbing issues related to kitchens that I should be aware of?

Kitchen, unlike bathrooms, don't have a lot of plumbing in them. If the configuration of the kitchen is staying the same, then we can reuse the existing supply lines and drains in most cases. We usually replace them is the house is older and has galvanized or other dated types of plumbing.

For those who can't afford an entire remodel of their kitchen, but wish to change a few things, what can you suggest?

If the cabinets are in fairly good condition, changing out the countertops and adding a nice backsplace can make the kitchen look completely different. There are also paints and stains that can be added to the cabinets to change the color to a more modern look if the door styles are acceptable. Repainting the walls and new cabinet hardware is another cost effective way to change the look of the kitchen. If the kitchen has lots of problems, then I usually advice our clients to save up then renovate the kitchen all at one time if the other suggested makeovers would not work.

In your opinion, what is the most desirable design element in a kitchen?

Appliances seem to get the most attention these days since they either store or help prepare food. Cabinets and countertops serve a basic function and there are some innovation in style, however the technology in appliances is ever changing to meet client's needs for cooking and storing food.

What is the best piece of advice for someone looking to remodel their kitchen?

Establishing a realistic budget is the first thing that should happen followed by creating a design. Many people like to start tinkering with the construction before they create the design which can lead to an undesired design choice and potential code issue.

What are some wasted areas of the kitchen I can eliminate to create more needed space?

Once way we are able to create more storage space is to incorporate the pantry into the kitchen cabinets. Closet pantries are not that effective since you cannot access all of the items in the pantry that can be hidden at the back of the shelf. Built in pantries using cabinets are much better since you can store food and other items on roll out shelves which gives you good access to the items and the front and back of the shelves.

What are the necessary elements of a kitchen that I should be sure to include in my renovation?

The main components on the nonstructural side of the renovation are appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, backsplash, plumbing fixtures and electrical fixtures. Depending on what needs to be completed in order to add the finishes to the kitchen, you make need to upgrade electrical and plumbing to meet the current codes and if you move walls around would need to contend with the structure of the house.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you or your company?

Our website has an information request form www.sawhorse.net or you can call us at 404-256-2567 to speak with one of our representatives.


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