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"The Sign of Renovation in Your Neighborhood

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Home Performance
For 10 years now, SawHorse has been offering home performance solutions in the Atlanta market.  In 2001, we helped develop the EarthCraft renovation program and have been a leader in Atlanta for green renovations having completed more certified green renovations than any other contractor in the program.  With hundreds of assessments to our credit, our experience makes us the trusted resource for home performance solutions.

Our Process

  1. Contact us with your concerns or interest
    1. Go to our contact page and list some of the items that you are interested in
    2. OR- Call us at 404-256-2567 to talk to one of our energy experts
  2. Schedule a date, and we come out to assess your house
  3. We meet with you to present your home analysis report and solutions proposal
  4. We make the recommended improvements, and you start saving energy/ money and living in a healthier home
  5. You may qualify for rebates as well if you are a GA Power client or live in the City of Atlanta.  Click here for full list of rebates.

Our Solutions

Basic Efficiency Solutions:

  • Whole house air sealing and draft stopping with insulation upgrades that make your house more comfortable and reduces your energy bills
  • Installer of a crawlspace encapsulation that seals out moisture and musty smells and helps reduce your energy bills also. Our system both improves your chances of getting EarthCraft House remodel credits and Home Performance with Energy Star improvement points.
  • Whole house water reduction by replacing older faucets and toilets with stylish water saving fixtures selected by our designers.
  • Improving existing heating and cooling systems along with sealing ductwork to reduce air loss and reduce dust in house
  • Upgrading lighting and appliances to ENERGY STAR Qualified products
  • Whole house air filtration to clear up your dirty air and whole house humidity control to make your house more comfortable and reduce the possibility of mold, dust mites other humidity related problems
  • Once you have exhausted the basic solutions or if you want have an even great savings here are some more options that provide an even greater savings for a larger investment.
Advanced efficiency solutions:
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