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"The Sign of Renovation in Your Neighborhood

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Solar Hot Water
Atlanta residents- you can get up to 90% of your hot water heated by the sun.  With rebates and tax credits installed cost can be less than 1K*
Solar makes sense in Atlanta, especially since we are known as Hotlanta.  Now with tax credits from the federal and state governments and rebates from Georgia Power and City of Atlanta (SHINE program), solar hot water is half the cost of tankless water heating.

Why Solar?

Many SawHorse clients are saving now because of all of the great benefits of using the sun to heat their water.  There are also rebates and incentives that are available as well that make solar the best option for water heating. 

Solar water heating is a cost effective, renewable energy solution. Provided by a global leader and proven partner, VELUX solar water heating systems give you the benefits of solar water heating, in an aesthetically pleasing, quality design. Details

How Solar Thermal Works in Georgia

The VELUX water heating systems are economical and effective. Take a look at this video describing how each component operates to bring you hot water for your home.
Start Saving Now

There are many tax credits and incentives that make solar very affordable.  In most cases it is cheaper than tankless water heaters and it is up to 5-10 times as efficient!

When working with SawHorse and Velux you can get:

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