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Geothermal HVAC
Here in Georgia, heating and cooling can account for over 50% of the typical energy bill in a household.  Ground source heat pumps, in addition to basic upgrades, can help reduce this part of the bill by up to 70%. SawHorse is a home performance contractor that promotes the use of geothermal HVAC.  Since we look at the house as a system we help lower energy bills by upgrading the insulation and reducing drafts, then we offer mechanical solutions such as geothermal HVAC to make significant cuts in utility usage.
We coordinate the complete install of the geothermal HVAC system since it takes more than just and HVAC permit in most jurisdictions.  Since we are a general contractor, we can facilitate any plans, erosion control permit and building permits that are necessary to complete the project as well.

An example of a ground source heat pump installed by SawHorse energy solutions.
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